Asian Wedding Photographer

asian wedding photography

I’m Raj Sahota, an experienced Indian wedding photographer, recording Asian weddings including Sikh, Hindu and Muslim throughout London, the UK as well as Europe. My wedding photography has led me to dealing with couples across a variety of cultures and religious beliefs and in all kinds of fascinating specific locations– from the traditional to the downright eccentric as well as every little thing in between.

In the event that you’re intrigued in me being your Indian wedding photographer, touch base to explore Asian wedding photography prices and accessibility get in touch and you will be amazed at our Asian photography!

Sikh Wedding Photography

sikh wedding photographer

In the case that you’re having a conventional Sikh wedding, it’s important to choose a wedding photographer that respects and is aware of everything that goes into the creation of your Sikh wedding day (or days!). Sikh wedding celebrations can commonly run over two to three days, starting off with the Kurmai, the engagement ceremony, and running all the way through to the big, loud as well as vibrant wedding reception– where the dance moves really get exposed. I mean, seriously.

Sikh ceremonials are exquisite to photograph and carry a number of customs that really are actually ideally told in a narrative style– the groom being furnished with a ceremonial sword, his arriving on adorned horseback for the gathering of the families, the Bride’s initial presence. Recording those crucial occasions in the Gurdwara is essential to telling the story of your day, especially as they commonly include the family.
I love to catch the father of the bride passing the scarf to his daughter as a symbolic indication in reference to him passing his care to her new other half, and the family aiding the Bride-to-be to finish her walks around the Guru Granth Sahib in order to present their moral support for her joining a brand new family.

Being a reportage look Indian wedding photographer, I’ll be at the center of the activity, but virtually go undetected. And there’s an abundance of action to be at the heart of after a Sikh wedding celebration. The vibrant colours and spirited dancing furnishes lots of material for photographers seeking to create an aesthetically spectacular wedding album.

Hindu Wedding Photography

hindu wedding photography

Hindu wedding ceremonies provide a visual festival for the wedding photojournalist, you end up being totally engrossed in the spirit of the occasion.
I’ve snapped Hindu weddings in all types of places, as the venue is usually chosen by the Bride’s family. Loved ones, as with all the Indian wedding celebrations I’ve been associated with, are at the heart, and it’s spectacular to see the portion in which they play in the day– from hiring the wedding venue, to the various blessings in the service, to the lavish Indian dinner and wedding reception party.

The most fundamental part of the Hindu ceremony to catch has to be the Saat Phere– the seven steps around the fire. Such as saying your vows, the bride and groom pray for food, strength, for accomplishment, for loved ones, for progeny, health and wellness, for each other, and pray for their lives with each other.
At the end of the traditional Hindu ceremony, it’s custom for the Groom and bride to play games. This has to be one of my most-liked parts of any Indian wedding ceremony to capture on film, as the high jinks and tasks frequently have the room erupting in laughter and make for some of my most-liked Asian wedding photos.

Muslim Wedding Photography

muslim wedding photography

Due to various traditions and cultures, Muslim wedding celebrations can vary considerably. I’ve had an incredible time snapping some truly vivid Muslim wedding events and celebrations– but I really would really like to experience a lot more!

Some of the areas I really love the most about being an Indian wedding photographer, and especially at Muslim wedding ceremonies, is the colour. As you can just imagine, I capture numerous European weddings where the Bride and Groom are in conventional, often Christian attire– the traditional white dress and dark suit. However the Muslim bride is the complete reverse– decorated in an exquisite garment of gold, jewels and flowers that are remarkably eye catching – just one of the numerous reasons I like generating Asian wedding photography.
It’s the social norms of these Muslim wedding celebrations that makes them a pleasure to photograph. The Savaqah is a most suitable occasion to catch – rather than a showering of confetti, the Bride is ritually showered with coins. Taking on a photojournalistic technique to photographing this indicates that I’m revealing the story of your Indian wedding day authentically, instead of posing you, and occasions like these can not and should not be posed!

Islam has no formal clergy, meaning that any Muslim who understands the Islamic custom is able to officiate your wedding ceremony. This is one thing I like about being a fly on the wall at a Muslim ceremony. If you’re having your ceremony officiated by a Qazi, you have the charm of a traditional Mosque as your background. Alternatively if you’re having your Muslim wedding ceremony conducted by a friend or family member, there are limitless probabilities of one-of-a-kind locations to record your Nikah.

Indian Wedding Photography

indian wedding photography

indian wedding photographer london

My natural Asian wedding photography is commonly referred to as ‘reportage wedding photography’ or ‘documentary wedding photography’, basically, I discreetly record your Indian wedding day without dictating, or asking you to pull cheesy 90’s type postures. I am actually a specialist Indian Wedding photographer. If you take a look through my portfolio of previously shot Indian weddings, you’ll better appreciate the sincerity and trustworthiness you can anticipate from your collection.
I revel in capturing on film the intimate cultural instances throughout any Asian wedding, most especially in my trademark reportage wedding photography technique. I photograph occasions as they occur, meaning that whenever you look back at your album you’ll be transported back to that memory, with credibility, loaded with all of that sentiment you were feeling (whether tears of heartfelt passion, or tears of sheer laughter!).
A competent, natural format Indian wedding photographer should be in the heart of the action and yet go unnoticed.

A marriage ceremony is the most significant day in every couples life, pledging to love, honor and cherish one another throughout your lives together is a day in history.
My style of capturing Asian and Indian weddings keeps those memories from diminishing. From the first appearance to the last goodbye, my purpose is to record those little moments which can never be recreated.
My photojournalistic format of taking photos will allow you travel back in time to experience again every part of your wedding ceremony.
Over the course of the years, I’ve created my style to capture a strong relationship through the lens. My portraits have a soft and natural feeling which I strongly believe exposes the essence of two individuals deeply in love and demonstrates the true elegance of their partnership. This is what you get when you hire an experienced Asian wedding photographer.

indian wedding photographer

Raj is one of the best Asian wedding photographers in the UK

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